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The BOC Cylinder

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We are now just going to briefly look at the BOC Oxygen cylinder. Now we have looked at the SOS version, and this is just the BOC one just to show you that they are pretty much exactly the same. So this cylinder is the main bulk and cylinder. As you see it is quite the same. Rather than stickers on the cylinder, this one has a collar around the top and it shows all the same indications in the bar codes. The gauge on the front is there the same. Just taking the cover off here, so you can just see the feed where they refill the tank. On this end, you have got the main on/off switch. This is where it is slightly different from the other cylinder. You do need to turn this off, which primes the regulator, whereas the other one, you can control it all on one tap. On the back here, you have got the constant flow outlet. On the top, there is a knob where you just turn around to set the flow rate that you want. So that is the BOC cylinder. It looks exactly the same. A very similar type of product. So do not matter which brand you are using, both of them will give you oxygen at 15... Or up to 15 litres per minute.