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Treating a burn

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Treating Burns with Plastic Film


Learn how to treat burns using plastic film as a protective covering.

Materials Needed

  • Burn film: Specialized burns film or regular plastic wrap for food storage.
  • Scissors: Blunt-ended shears for cutting the film.
  • Gloves: To maintain cleanliness during the procedure.


Follow these steps when dealing with a burn using plastic film:

  1. Prepare the Film: Begin by removing any dirty or non-sterile sections of the film, ensuring a clean piece for use.
  2. Inspect the Burn: Check the burn site and remove any jewelry to prevent constriction due to swelling.
  3. Application: Layer the film gently over the burn, avoiding wrapping it tightly to accommodate potential swelling.
  4. Secure the Film: To prevent it from slipping, use a bandage to lightly secure the film in place, allowing easy removal if necessary.

Additional Tips

  • Reducing Pain: The film helps expel air and oxygen, reducing pain in the affected area.
  • Transport: If transporting the patient to the hospital, ensure the film is securely in place but not too tight to account for swelling.
  • Caution: Be cautious when applying the film to larger areas of the body to avoid unnecessary constriction.

Remember, burns requiring plastic film treatment should be assessed by a medical professional as soon as possible.

Learning Outcomes:
  • IPOSi Unit three LO4.3, 4.4 & 5.1