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Blood Sugar Testing

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Diabetic Blood Sugar Testing: Interview with Di


In this interview, we discuss blood sugar testing with Di, who has diabetes, including her testing kit and procedure.

Di's Testing Routine

Di tests her blood sugar levels a couple of times a day, typically in the morning and sometimes in the evening after a meal.

Testing Kit Components

Di demonstrates her kit, which includes:

  • Testing Strips: Used to measure blood sugar levels.
  • Needle: Primed and used to obtain a blood sample.
  • Blood Sugar Monitor: Displays blood sugar readings.

Data Management

The monitor stores test results, allowing Di to track her readings over time. Some monitors can be connected to a computer for further analysis.

Disposal of Waste

Di safely disposes of used needles and other hazardous waste in a designated hazardous waste box. When full, she takes it to the chemist for proper disposal.

First Aid Considerations

In emergency situations, responders may need independent lances to obtain blood samples for testing. Used items should be disposed of properly to ensure safety.


Understanding the procedure for blood sugar testing, including equipment usage and disposal, is essential for diabetic management and first aid preparedness.

Learning Outcomes:
  • IPOSi Unit four LO2.1, 2.2, 2.3 & 2.4