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Alternative emergency phone numbers

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Emergency and Non-Emergency Numbers in the UK


In the midst of a crisis, it's crucial to reach out swiftly. The UK offers a selection of emergency and non-emergency numbers catering to various needs.

Emergency Services in the UK

999: The Primary Emergency Number

The 999 number stands as the most recognised emergency helpline in the UK, always at the ready for immediate crises.

112: A Lifeline for Travellers

112, akin to 999, offers free emergency assistance. This number, part of the European Emergency Number Association, is operational across the EU, making it a boon for travellers. Many non-EU countries also acknowledge 112, ensuring that you're never too far from help.

Non-Emergency Numbers

101: For Police Queries

For situations not requiring instantaneous action, 101 serves as the police's non-emergency hotline. Be it reporting a minor mishap or seeking general information, this is your go-to number.

NHS 111: Medical Assistance When It's Not Dire

The NHS 111 line, active in England, Scotland, and parts of Wales, addresses non-life-threatening medical concerns. Trained advisors, backed by medical professionals, guide callers, be it for advice, an appointment, or an ambulance dispatch if deemed necessary.

105: Power Cut Information

Inaugurated in 2016, 105 is a nationwide service for reporting or enquiring about local power cuts, catering to England, Scotland, and Wales.

0800405040: British Transport Police Non-Emergency Line

For railway-related non-urgent matters, dial 0800405040. Alternatively, text them at 61016.

116123: Samaritans' Emotional Support

The 116123 number connects individuals to the Samaritans charity, offering emotional guidance to anyone in distress or facing suicidal thoughts across the UK and Ireland.


It's imperative to utilise the right number in crises. By doing so, you ensure that 999 remains readily accessible for life-threatening situations.