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Oxygen and Anaphylaxis

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Oxygen Administration in Anaphylactic Reactions

1. Importance of Oxygen

Swift Oxygen Delivery:

  • Administering oxygen promptly is crucial during an anaphylactic reaction.
  • Using an oxygen mask with a reservoir, provide the highest oxygen concentration available.

2. High Flow Oxygen

Effective Oxygen Flow:

  • Ensure a high oxygen flow rate, typically exceeding 10 litres per minute, to prevent the reservoir bag from collapsing during inhalation.
  • Maintain continuous oxygen supply throughout the procedure.

3. Ventilation in Critical Cases

Tracheal Intubation or Cessation of Breathing:

  • If the patient's trachea is intubated or they cease breathing, utilize a self-inflating bag valve mask to ventilate the lungs.
  • This method ensures the delivery of the highest oxygen concentration to the patient.