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The Foxseal chest seal is a occlusive dressing for the treatment of open chest wounds. It is designed as a tool to prevent pneumothorax in a patient. It comes as a pack of two seals in a compact foil sealed pack and the dressings are latex free. The pack has all the product information printed on the outside including the expiry date and manufacturing codes.

Inspect the outside to ensure that it is not damaged which will affect the sterile nature of the dressing and its ability to stick to the skin. The dressing is suitable for wounds of up to 15cm.

The adhesive is specially designed to stick to wet or hairy skin and compact enough to fit in most first aid kits without folding which can damage the packaging. The adhesive is designed to work in extreme conditions. There are two seals per pack which will allow the treatment of entry and exit wounds or two injury sites.

The dressing has no valve and the chest can be vented with an easy to grip tab.

Foxseals are easy to apply, first wipe the area to remove any dirt and fluid from around the wound.

Grip the tab and peel to remove one Foxseal from the clear liner.

Place the dressing on the chest, with the wound in the centre of the dressing and the adhesive side down towards the skin.

Firmly press the seal on the chest to provide the seal.

If you need to vent the wound use the tab and reseal.

Where there are more than one wound, repeat the steps with another dressing.