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The Jext auto injector comes in two different dosage amounts, however there are no physical differences between the two auto injectors. The first one is a Jext 150, and this is designed for people who way around 15-30 kilos, the Jext 300 is designed for people who weigh over 30 kilos.  Looking at the Jext unit itself, there is a yellow cap on the top. Pulling the cap off makes it live, so if you accidentally pulled the cap off when you didn’t mean to use it, carefully put the cap back on without touching the black end, as this is where the needle comes out. On the side of the Jext, you will see easy to read instructions with pictures demonstrating exactly what you should do when using it.

The black end of the Jext is where the needle comes out, and there is an arrow which plainly says ‘needle end’, just in case you were not sure. There are two windows on the unit. The first one will either be red or green. Red means its ready to be used, and green means it has already been used. The other window actually lets you see the drug itself. The drug should be clear and colourless. If you looked into the viewing window and there were any precipitates in the liquid, or there was any discolouration, you need to get a new Jext® as soon as possible. The Jext® has a needle shield, meaning there is no chance of needle stick injuries once the needle has injected the drug. The Jext® has a typical shelf life of around two years, dependant on the manufacturer, and you can sign up for an Expiry Alert Service on the Jext® website. However you should check the expiry date as well just to make sure. To replace your Jext® auto injector, either after the expiry date or after use, you have to go to your doctor to get a repeat prescription it is easy to transport and is very light – around the weight of a typical whiteboard marker.

So how do you use your Jext® Auto injector? Make sure that you are sitting down and then hold it in your dominant hand, and make sure that the black end is facing downwards and the yellow cap is on top. Then remove the cap by pulling upwards. Then place the black end against your thigh and push it inwards and slowly count to 10. Then gently pull upwards and the needle will automatically become covered. Rub the area for at least 10 seconds to help the drug to diffuse quickly through your system. Then lay the unit down and make sure you give it to the emergency services when they arrive.