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Air Wrap Dressings

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Effective Bleeding Control with Air Wrap Dressing

Learn how the Air Wrap dressing revolutionizes the application of direct pressure for controlling catastrophic bleeding, offering a practical solution for emergency situations.

The Importance of Direct Pressure

Direct pressure remains a cornerstone in the management of severe bleeding. Traditional methods using hands can be effective but are not feasible for prolonged periods, especially during transport. The Air Wrap dressing introduces an innovative approach to maintain consistent pressure without continuous manual application.

Introducing Air Wrap Dressing

The Air Wrap dressing is a non-sterile, easy-to-use solution designed to apply direct pressure through an air bladder mechanism. Available in widths of 4 or 6 inches, it accommodates various limb sizes, ensuring versatility across different emergency scenarios.

Key Features

  • Easy Application: Tearable strips for quick opening and velcro attachments for secure wrapping.
  • Instructional Design: Clear, on-wrapper instructions and a 'This side up' indicator for correct application.
  • Pressure Indication: An air indicator for optimal pressure and a valve system for easy inflation and deflation.

Using the Air Wrap Dressing

Application involves simple steps: wrapping the dressing securely around the limb, inflating the air bladder to apply pressure, and monitoring for capillary refill to ensure circulation is not compromised. The design prioritizes patient comfort while effectively stopping bleeding.

Benefits and Availability

Aside from its ease of use and effectiveness, the Air Wrap dressing significantly reduces the physical strain on the caregiver in emergency situations. For more information or to purchase the Air Wrap dressing, visit our store. Additional resources, including instructional PDFs, are available in the download area of this course.

Learning Outcomes:
  • IPOSi Unit three LO3.1, 3.2, 3.3 & 3.4