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It is important to call the Emergency Medical Services as quickly as possible in an emergency, the numbers to call are 999 or 112 which is a Europe-Wide number.

Give them clear information about the situation, describe the accident, the injuries and condition of the patient, if it is a life-threatening situation they will categorise the call accordingly and send the services that are needed.

Consider using the speakerphone so that your hands are free and you can talk to them while helping the patient.  Don't be afraid to ask questions, the operator may stay on the line to help you.

Make sure that the scene is safe a that access is as easy as possible for the emergency services.  When possible, get someone else to go to meet the emergency services so that they can tell them where you are, particularly if you are on large premises with multiple locations.

Don't be afraid to call the emergency services again if the situation changes or the ambulance doesn't arrive.

If you are hard of hearing you can notify the emergency services by text message, you will find a leaflet in the download area with information about alerting the EMS that you can print out and keep for reference.

  • FPOS level 3 unit one LO1.1 and LO3.1