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Now in order to complement your responder course, it is important that you do some extra research, and there are some recommended books. One of the best-recommended books regarded is this one. It is the First Responder Care Essentials. This book will go through everything that is on the course. It comes with some extra subjects as well, but it is very easy to use the book and it goes through every part of the responder course from, here we are, examples of hand washing to the scheduling system, and also how to use different components from Entonox and oxygen. There is a very good reference book. Now, if there is one book you are going to read cover to cover, I would recommend it is this one.

Now, there are other books available. Here, we got JRCALC. This is the main book that we use within the ambulance service as well. It does cover quite a lot. It goes into quite a lot of extra detail and there are loads more information in this book, maybe more than you are going to need on a responder course. So, this is a good book to have. It is not as cheap as the other one. It is quite an expensive book, but it is a very good reference if you can get a hold of one.

There is also a supplementary book for that, which comes through here, and which is a JRCALC Supplementary Guidelines 2017. So, these books came out and then there is always a supplementary that goes with it. So, if you are looking at buying these, then you need to really buy both of these. But inside here, it's just got all the latest guidelines, so it makes sure you keep yourself up to date. There are lots of other books available out there but have a look through what is there. But the main thing, make sure you get books which are designed for the European or UK market, whereas, when you go on to the internet on bookstores and things like this, you will find a lot of paramedic type books or responder books, but some of them are aimed for the American market, and their rules and regulations are slightly different.

So, these books are really good if you can use them during your online course as an extra reference and extra reading before you go into the classroom course, and also during your classroom course. And they are a very good reference before you then do your final assessment of your responder course.