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We are now going to have a look at the horizontal sling. This is similar to the elevation sling. But with this, we only want to keep the arm in a horizontal position. We'd use this with strains, or sprains and breaks, things like that. We don't need any elevation with those. So we use the same triangular bandage. The ninth degree corner goes towards the elbow. But instead of going on the outside of the arm, we put it on the inside. So we just follow that through. Bring the bandage up and then you can take this part and bring it over the shoulder. We can tidy it up later on. Once it's there, just make sure it's in the right position, then just tie it off on the back. So once the knot's tied, we're gonna come back and just tidy it up to make sure it's tucked around. Now at this point, you could tape it off, or you could put a pin just through it. But as the arm's in this position, it's not really gonna go anywhere. So you can just leave it there. The whole important thing is to make sure that the hand is there, and also that we can keep check of the capillary refill.

  • IPOSi Unit three LO1.1, 1.2 & 2.1