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Meningitis is an infection that causes an inflammation of the meninges, which is the membrane which covers the brain and the spinal cord and can be caused by viruses or bacteria. Meningitis is very serious. In babies and young children, death can occur in a matter of hours if left untreated in some cases.

The glass test, in which the red spots do not vanish when a glass is rolled over the skin, is one of the last signs, so if you see this, it is vital you get help quickly and tell the EMS what you think is wrong. Meningitis is easy to confuse with other common illnesses. A survey showed that 50% of children with Meningitis were initially sent home when taken to a Doctor.

Some signs and symptoms:

  • Cold hands and feet
  • Stiff neck, limb and joint pain
  • Pallor or mottling skin
  • Rash that does not fade with glass test
  • Drowsiness, headaches, do not like bright light
  • Fever and vomiting

Early activation of the EMS is vital, but that also requires a fast diagnosis of the problem. There is a lot of press about meningitis, and this is important to ensure that you know how serious it can be. If you suspect Meningitis, then get medical help without delay.