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What we're going to do now is have a look at other types of safety helmets. We've looked already on videos with the full-face helmet, but here, we've got an open-face crash helmet, and this here is for a motorcycle, but it's a very similar type of design that they use in the equestrian world, where they have a solid hard hat. The second one here is with a mountain climbing helmet, and the last one is a cycle helmet, we'll look at. Now, if you're the first responder, you need help when you're removing these helmets off of the patient. You're going to need to bring in a bystander. In this example, we're going to have the first responder, who's also got somebody else to help him, but this person doesn't know anything. You're going to have to listen to the actual commands he's giving in order to make sure that the helmet's removed in a safe manner.