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The Emerade® is slightly different to other auto injectors on the market in the UK. It has a longer needle than other auto injectors and can offer doses of 150, 300 and 500 micrograms.

The Emerade® is used in a similar way to other auto injectors but there are some key differences.  There are simple but comprehensive instructions on the side of the auto injector and you should always read these instructions, no matter how many times you have used the Emerade® before, as it will remind you exactly what to do.  You remove the cap and press it firmly into your thigh and hold it there for five seconds. Then remove it and rub the area to allow the adrenaline to diffuse around the area quickly. Then call the emergency services and stay where you are.

The Emerade® has been developed to properly meet the advised dosage of adrenaline, set out by the UK Resuscitation Guidelines. The recommended dose is between 5-10 micrograms per kilogram of body mass. A normal 300 microgram auto injector therefore would not meet these requirements for many adults. The longer needle also ensures that as many people will actually receive the injection as possible, as the needle in other auto injectors is sometimes not long enough to effectively reach the muscle and administer the adrenaline.