First Aid Responder Level 3 (VTQ)

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Level 3 First Responder Practical

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If you want to gain the full qualification as a level, three first responder, you are going to then need to carry on another part, and this part is the practical part. And on this practical part, you will go to a classroom session locally, your instructor will review your understanding of the online parts, and then also cover some more subjects, and in addition to that, run through the practical modules that you have learnt online. You will also practice many other subjects, and this will depend on your instructor and what sort of sect you are in, but the assessments for your training will all be done on the day when you are talking to your instructor, and also he will explain to you when you are being assessed and any other practical scenarios you need to do. 

Your progress and results will be given to you for the practical part by your instructor, and if you have any problems with these, your instructor will have to go over them with you, and if necessary, you can repeat skills and more practice. Because the important thing is that you understand every single module that is being covered. In preparation for your practical part, you can review the videos on this course, you can read the downloads, and if you have any questions, you can contact us, or you can contact your instructor direct.