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The Carry Chair

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Ferno Carry Chair: Safety Check and Usage


In a busy office environment, proper techniques for moving a casualty from one point to another are essential. Let's examine the Ferno Carry Chair and its usage protocol.

1. Safety Check

  • Maximum Carrying Capacity: Check the sticker on the chair for the maximum weight limit, ensuring it is not exceeded (e.g., 114 kilograms).
  • Strap Integrity: Ensure the patient-holding strap is intact, undamaged, and operational.
  • Material Condition: Inspect the chair material for fraying, damage, or tears, especially on the seat and backrest.
  • Wheel Functionality: Verify that the wheels are functional, not jammed or damaged, and suitable for the surface type.

2. Setting Up the Chair

  • Frame Expansion: Extend the chair frame and securely lock it into place.
  • Seat Placement: Set the seat securely on the base, ensuring stability.

3. Patient Preparation

Wrap the patient's arms with a blanket, securing them in place to prevent movement during transport.

4. Secure Straps

Ensure all straps are tightened securely, particularly the one across the chest, to prevent the patient from leaning or falling.

5. Moving the Patient

With two individuals, one at the back of the chair and one assisting at the front, carefully tip the chair back onto its wheels and proceed on a flat surface at a steady pace.

6. Staircase Protocol

Only attempt to navigate stairs if necessary and if no alternatives are available. Proceed with caution, ensuring a firm grip and steady movement, one step at a time.


Utilize the Ferno Carry Chair with caution, adhering to safety guidelines and manufacturer instructions to ensure the well-being of both the patient and the responders.