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Different Types of Helmets

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Types of Safety Helmets


Let's explore various types of safety helmets commonly used in different activities.

1. Open-Face Crash Helmet

Description: This type of helmet, commonly used in motorcycling and equestrian sports, provides protection while leaving the face exposed.

2. Mountain Climbing Helmet

Description: Designed for mountaineering activities, this helmet offers head protection in rugged outdoor environments.

3. Cycle Helmet

Description: Lightweight and aerodynamic, cycle helmets are essential for cyclists to prevent head injuries during rides.

Helmet Removal Assistance


When removing helmets, especially in emergency situations, assistance may be required from bystanders. Follow these steps:

  • First Responder: Provide verbal instructions and oversee the helmet removal process.
  • Bystander: Assist the first responder by following their commands carefully, even if they have limited knowledge.

By collaborating effectively, the helmet can be safely removed without causing harm to the patient.