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Storage Of Oxygen

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Safe Storage of Oxygen Cylinders: Guidelines and Regulations

Importance of Proper Oxygen Cylinder Storage

Ensuring Safety and Preventing Damage

  • Workplace Risk Assessments: Checking for Appropriate Storage Rules
  • General Rules for Medical Oxygen Cylinder Storage:

1. Sheltered and Dry Storage

Protecting Cylinders from Environmental Extremes

2. Separation from Non-Medical Cylinders

Preventing Mixing of Medical and Non-Medical Gases

3. Strict Rotation of Cylinders

Ensuring First-In, First-Out Usage

4. Separation within the Storage Area

Keeping Different Medical Cylinders Apart

5. Vertical Storage for F-Size Cylinders and Larger

6. Horizontal Storage for E-Size Cylinders and Smaller

Adhering to Specific Storage Orientations

7. Warning Notices

Prohibiting Smoking and Naked Flames

8. Emergency Services Notification

Ensuring Emergency Response Awareness

9. Portable Oxygen Kits and Vehicle Storage

Applying Guidelines for Safe Portable Kit and Vehicle Storage

Following these guidelines for the secure storage of oxygen cylinders in compliance with workplace assessments and regulations.