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STAT Tourniquets

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These are the STAT Tourniquets. This is quite a new tourniquet; it works like a giant zip tie. Now we have got two versions here, the orange one which is the actual unit, and the blue is a training one. In the example we are going to show you, we are going to use the blue one because it is just a training exercise, but you would not want to use that one in a real example. What you do is you wrap it around the limb and you pull it as tight as you can. And you can tighten it even more. When you first poke it through, there is a little bubble, that bubble gets burst, and then you can see how long it has been on. There is a little indication whether it has been on certain lengths of time. So it can help the paramedics, but it is really important still to note the time you put on any tourniquet. If you need to tighten it more, you just pull it tighter and tighter. The spare part of the tourniquet you can tuck out of the way, but the most important thing with it is you note the time, make sure you have called the emergency services, and you never remove this tourniquet!

If you need to add a second one, you can add a second one. In the real world, if you have got them, take some shears and cut the clothing away so you can apply it directly to the skin. If you haven't, then it still is just as good to apply it directly over the trousers, but just pull it up slightly so that it is not tight underneath the tourniquet.

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