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Rapid Extrication

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Rapid Extrication Technique: The Cincinnati Roll

Introduction to the Technique

The Cincinnati roll is a method for rapid extrication, originating from America but utilising modern technology, to swiftly remove a patient from hazardous situations, such as car crashes, while ensuring neck and back safety.

Importance of Rapid Extrication

Time-critical scenarios, such as cardiac arrest or imminent danger from fire or chemicals, require fast but safe extrication techniques to protect both the patient and responders.

Application of the Technique

The Cincinnati roll involves using a 3-metre, 5-ton lifting strap, a standard equipment on fire trucks in the UK, to immobilise and move unconscious patients effectively.

Key Steps of the Technique

  • Collar Formation: Place the midpoint of the strap around the centre of the patient's jaw, creating a collar that wraps securely around the neck.
  • Secure Positioning: Cross the strap around the back of the neck, completing the collar, and secure the tail ends under the patient's arms.
  • Controlled Lifting: Use the strap as handles to lift and control the patient's body, ensuring C-spine immobilisation and preventing excess movement.

Demonstration of the Technique

Practising the Cincinnati roll is essential for effective implementation:

  • Two-Person Extrication: With two straps, one positioned around the upper body and the other across the lap, two responders can safely lift and extricate the patient from the vehicle.
  • Real-Time Application: Practice the technique under supervision, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations and proper patient care.


The Cincinnati roll offers a rapid and safe method for extricating patients in life-threatening situations, protecting both responders and patients from further harm. Regular practice and adherence to safety protocols are essential for successful implementation.