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Real time CPR scenario

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CPR Cycle in Real Time

Full Scenario: From Entry to AED Use

In this video, we demonstrate the complete CPR cycle, from entering the room to using the AED, in real-time.


Scenario: Responding to a Non-Breathing Individual

Setup: The rescuer is alone but receives assistance upon calling for help. Gloves and face shield are not available.

Key Steps

  1. Assessment: Upon discovering the non-breathing individual, assess the scene for safety.
  2. Emergency Call: Call for help immediately, ensuring prompt assistance.
  3. Initial Check: Determine the patient's responsiveness by tapping and shouting.
  4. Breathing Check: Confirm absence of breathing by observing chest rise and fall.
  5. Chest Compressions: Begin CPR with chest compressions, ensuring proper hand placement and compression depth.
  6. Rescue Breaths: Perform rescue breaths, maintaining airway patency and avoiding overinflation.
  7. Defibrillator Use: Apply the AED pads as soon as possible for analysis and potential defibrillation.


Executing the CPR cycle in real time requires swift and decisive action, prioritising patient care and collaboration for optimal outcomes.